USIS Inc. was launched on the year of 2014. In the beginning USIS is actually USISS, which stands for Ultra Star Information Security Studio.

However, as time goes on, USISS has transformed into USIS and becoming a formal profession information security consulting company. And this also means USIS is ready to put more responsibilities on our shoulders.
Our main goal is to provide profession information security consulting and training services. To ensure our valuable customers have the ability to manage the business information security risks and minimized the risks to acceptable level. As a matter of fact, there are many organizations struggling in assessing the business information security risks,so all the high technologies the organizations implemented are kind of wasting money and time. This is just like  that patients taking medicines without proper diagnosis.
USIS Inc. is doing more than just provide you the information security consulting services, however, USIS Inc. provides you a complete diagnosis on your business information security risk and than base on the risk assessment to provide you the best solution, which is customized just for your needs. 
With our experienced consultants, we are able to help you walk through every step to evaluate business information security risks and provide you the most suitable information security solutions you desire . Here is the right place for you to realize your business information security risks and find to the best solution for your organization to manage information security risks.


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