The role of internal audit is to provide independent assurance that an organization's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively. So, internal audit is an important mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of the control procedures and process. But often, the internal audit is not so effective due the lack of profession of internal audit. In addition, the internal auditors are selected within the organization; therefore, the internal auditors may have bias due to friendships. Insufficient and in-effective internal audit may lead to serious problem within the organization.

With our well trained and registered Internal Auditors, we ensure you no bias and effective internal audit to identify the real weakness within your organization. We do the internal audit in the following aspects:

  1. Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001)
  2. IT Service Management System (ISO/IEC 20000)
  3. Business Continuity Management System (ISO 22301)
  4. Lab Management System (ISO/IEC 17025)
  5. Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
  6. Physical Security


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