1. Health is important. So........You have Health Examination periodically
  2. Car safety is important. So.......You have Car Maintenance periodically.
  3. Food safety is important. So.........food has to be checked before you put into mouth.
  4. Public safety is important. So........Public safety inspection must be conducted.
  5. Information security is important. So...........What did you do for the Information security

Don't you think it is time for you to take actions on information security for your organization. Risk assessment would be a prefect first step you do to the information security within organization.

Risk assessment is a systematic way to estimate of risk related well defined situation and a recognized threats (hazard).


Typically there are five steps involved in Risk Assessment process:

Step 1: Establishing the context ---Understand the operation context and environment

Step 2: Risk identification---Identify the internal and external risks that pose threat

Step 3:Risk analysis---Systemic analysis of various contributing and leading factors

Step 4:Risk evaluation---Characterize and prioritize the list of risks for further action

Step 5:Risk treatment---Identify the range of options to treat the risk and implement the best choice available resources

Here is your next questions:

How you identify the risks that pose threat within your organization? Be careful, information security treatment is base how accurate and deep you can identify the risks.

Risk Assessment

USIS Inc. provides you services and help you identify the potential information security risks within the organization. These services includes:

  1. Information Security Baseline Checking
  2. Information Security Vulnerability Assessment


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